Calculate dynamic fees for utilisation of the public ground 

Digital collection of e-scooter fees


More and more cities are starting to charge fees for allowing e-scooters on their streets. With standardised data streams between the cities and the operators, we can calculate a fee per vehicle on the street.

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Dynamic Fees

To use fees as an effective remedy for regulating micromobility, it is recommended not to charge a flat fee. Operators can be charged a dynamic fee for the real-time usage of e-scooters.

The dynamic fees may vary from a more, central zone to the outskirts. Hence, the city can have a higher fee outside the train station or at the town square to incentivise towards overcrowding. Likewise the fee can be low - or even negative, a subsidy - on the outskirts to stimulate towards a better distribution of the scooters. This way the micromobility service can get a better distribution and fill in gaps in the public transport.


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Nivel enables cities to calculate the street rental utilisation fee - or parking fee - down to the minute on all the vehicles floating between zones with different fees. As a city authority you can adjust the parking fee dynamically, so that if there continue to be too many scooters on a spot, the fees can be raised.

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